Considering part of M. McLuhan’s reflections, adhering to the concept of “dress” as a medium, as a means extension of ourselves, as a means to convey a message, “D&” raises a question about the reasons that pushes the individual man in choosing the object that represents himself and that it expresses a way of being. The dress signed, sign our lifestyle, communicates through a “drawing” previously developed a way of being.

Any form of advertising, the media, etc. .. train people of a new language, a language that will end to be understood by all. The reason for wear a designer dress becomes possibility to be understood “by the society, chance to confirm our presence in the world, but this claim can be read as a paradox, it’s a material, physical presence made evident by a long tissue that extends into space, a fabric “label” a way of life already previously studied (one of the communication strategies of the big brands of clothing and not just in fact to spread through a program of advertising campaign, a way of life “envy” to associate an item of clothing), but it is a long black fabric that hides our body, our person, our existence.