Idolatry, religion, consumerism, ignorance, deceit, and madness, ingredients that make this image a surreal view of the political and social historical context we are living, where figures and symbolic elements recalls two distant cultures (Western and Middle Eastern).

The protagonists are individuals who represent the contemporary man immersed in their beliefs, ideals and schemas, disconnected from a reality that makes them guilty of crimes committed in their own and in the lands of others.

This work is a reference to the terrorist attacks of recent years in Europe, particularly the event of 13 November 2015 in Paris.

The iconography of a Renaissance last supper is perhaps the first citation that emerges from this image: a paradoxical recall of an art what primary role it’s the spreading of absolute values and certainties - a role nowadays (even more paradoxically) assumed by mass media channels .

The last supper has been given manifest with the intent of reinforcing the doubt of the differences between religions, which find more and more affinities of interest with those who drive a development of the consumer society.

A glass of milk held by the exposed figures, a product that enhances our ideals, which shakes or raises our emotional states, making us even more satisfied to a cognitive quiet.