The work is a portrait and a symbolic composition in which the exposed elements act as a reference to the theme of the relationship between man and his natural / cultural environment.

The theme, dealt with through a holistic view in the consideration of organic relationships between man and environment, focuses on the perceptive aspect of reality, of the self and of being in the world.

The first manifestation of a perceptive opening is realized in the acceptance and in the cohesion with the environment in which man lives, an opening from which spring physiological and emotional responses that suggest the modalities of interaction of a given circumstance.

Attention to emotional and physiological responses is therefore on the same level of importance of reading (and awareness) as that for which we are engaged in understanding the external world.

In the work are inserted iconographies of western culture aimed to representing the knowledge of the self, the inner world (Freud), and the knowledge of the external world (Apollo).

At the same time we want to recognize a limit in the rationalistic conception of knowledge proper to Western culture, a useful approach to the metabolization of information of the world of which man is an integral part, but not to the response of a natural adaptation - resulting answer from experiential perception. It is in this sense that we recognize the importance of an experiential relational approach of oriental cultural matrix, for an anthropo-cultural evolution that wants a possibility of survival of the species (human and not only), starting from a greater sensitization towards the self and of the natural world - respecting it as an extension of our being.

“Nothing else” to say, or to understand, if not to listen to and perceive the needs of the self and the natural world, as a single organism of which we are an integral part.