Through representation of the two most ancient and traditional Sardinian masks, “Boes and Merdules”, this image wants to represent a country where the culture today is strongly dominated by priciples of contemporary capitalist system.

The “Boes and merdules” represent an ox (boes) and its owner (merdules, shepherd), these together represent the struggle between animal instinct and human reason, in fact, in the carnival performances ox is chased, caught and whipped by Shepherd, and giving life to the imitation of furious fighting.

Summarize what was once life in a small town of Ottana (in middle of Sardinia), when he was a yoke of oxen was almost all, if not all, of what they had meant and still be wealthy.

That is, until the early seventies, when in the vicinity of the village, was built petrochemical industry that has radically changed both the uses and customs.

The radical change in lifestyle, however, has not affected the tradition of wooden masks of the “Boes and merdules.” Therefore, during the entire period of the carnival, the streets are lined with various groups of merdules, both organized and spontaneous, they do resonate their heavy load of bells woven on wide straps of leather, moving them rhythmically throughout the day until evening.

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